TAX – Round 1

My four rounds of FEC are complete and now I’m on my four rounds of TAX.  I must say, after only a few days – I’m really missing the FEC.  With FEC I felt a bit of nausea and discomfort – which at the time felt pretty bad.  But after just 3-days of TAX I’m starting to dread the next 3 sessions….

How do I feel?  The oncologist told me that once the steroids had worn off I would feel like a freight train had rolled over me – and that’s pretty much how I’m feeling now.  The pain is awful – I’m aching so badly.  This is so much worse that the FEC and is what my vision of chemo (pre-chemo was).

I’ve got to think positively though and concentrate on thinking beyond the final session.  Apparently I’m going to feel like this for 3-7 days.  My body coped with FEC really well, so I’m hoping that I’m closer to the ‘3’ than then ‘7’ when it comes to recovering from the TAX infusion.

I found a really good blog by somebody who has gone through what I’m going through and her description of the FEC/TAX after-effects – FEC and TAX.  I seem to be almost mirroring herTAX-wise although my FEC wasn’t quite as bad (the poor woman).  She had 3x and 3x though whilst I’m having 4x and 4x.
I found


3 thoughts on “TAX – Round 1

  1. tw

    Hi Claire, I’m the woman from FEC-THis who had the 3×3. It’s now three years along from my run in with HER2+ breast cancer and I’m doing fine. My joints have seen better days but that’s due to herceptin rather than chemo. It’s been quite a journey! I wish you ongoing strength and perseverance to kick cancer out of your life for good, Tracy xoxox


    1. clairefarnsworth Post author

      Thank you so much for your reply Tracy, can’t tell you how much it means to me, in fact I burst into tears!!! I’m so soft! I think it’s just having something written back from someone who understands so much. I’m so happy for you that you are clear of this hatred disease, and I pray that this continues to be the case for many many years to come. Bless you. Claire x


      1. tw

        There are lots of us out here in the club no-one wants to join. If there’s ever anything you want to know about the whole cancer thing, treatment and afterwards don’t be afraid to ask. Chemo will pass quickly and you’ll soon be your usual self again. Wishing you all the very best for your remaining treatment and beyond, Tracy.


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